Amalia Vázquez-Añón Abizanda

Vive en Rocafort
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I live in Valencia, and my heart is half Galician half Murcian. I am a multi-pasionate person that is always studying something new in the area of wellbeing and happiness. I work with youngsters creating projects and learning about leadership and entrepreneurship. In my free time, I love doing different sports near the beach or the mountain. A great plan would be a hike or kayaking in the sea. I also like painting crazy things at @amapolasvolando. I am 31 but I feel a lot older because my 20s were filled with lots of adventures in different countries. Part of me entering Weroad is to ignite again my adventurer side that after covid has been a bit quite. My favourites countries so far have been New Zealand and Norway. However living in Bangladesh, Brasil and Australia was something really special and that i feel really fortunate. My lastest adventure was going for a spiritual journey to the Sanctuary of Fátima last summer. It