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María Mercedes Rodríguez Pérez

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Hello dear travellers!👋🏼 I'm Meche, a marketer, sea lover, surf enthusiast from an island in Venezuela with a dream of traveling the world until I get tired of it -wich I don't think is gonna happen so, until I'm so oldie I just don't wanna move from home haha! My travel spirit was activated since I was a child, living in 3 different places during my first 12 years in this world. I love discovering people, places and food. However, a trip to Mexico right after the COVID -19 lockdown made me take the decision to leave my happy life in Venezuela behind in order to follow my dream of discover more. There's always so much more. But the greatest thing I've found in the middle of that is people I now can call friends, with whom I have the honour to share my life -and the world- now. So, if you're nervous about travelling with I bunch of strangers, no worries, you can find some good friends for life. What are you waiting for? Join me in this adventure! 💥
junio 2024
dom. 30 junio
7 noches
dom. 07 julio
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