Jose María Gonzalez Del Pozo

Vive en Madrid
Países visitados
Hi, I'm Chema, I'm 24, I'm an architect and entrepreneur, but my true passion is traveling, photography and outdoor sports. I still live with my parents and my sister, although I'm in the process of becoming independent as soon as possible in the center of Madrid, which is what I've always wanted. I have been able to live abroad for two years, in different continents, and traveled through many other countries, always soaking up the local culture. I consider myself a person with great energy and positivism, with a great desire to do new things and without laziness to get up early, even if it is to go to work, although if it is to catch a flight even better! I love to invest my free time and my savings in discovering new challenges around the world, visiting new cities, visiting incredible places and getting to know the history of each of the people I meet in my travels.