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Lino Chiusa

Vive en Barcelona
Países visitados
Hi, I'm Lino, Sicilian, Community Manager, Food Composer and Lover to multicultural/intercultural experiences. I travelled by all means of transport. My favorites are those in the car to roam, discover and stop where and when I want, choose routes, be very independent, and be the leader of my destinations. I speak various languages ​​for passion and pleasure. Every trip I have made, I have tried to go back with new words from different vocabularies and I can say "cheers" in all European languages ​​- I have worked as a Project Manager within the European youth mobility projects. I love to create, organize and coordinate large, small, formal, and informal events, especially working as a team for and from communities. I love to discover unconventional places and countries, where I have lived or often go to visit them - such as Latvia where my heart resides and the Balkan countries where I know most of the routes and attractions. My backpack is always ready and now I will do it with all the WeRoaders who want to discover the world together.