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María José Díaz Sánchez

Vive en barcelona
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It is said that traveling is the best way to grow spiritually and emotionally. We are born in this path not to stay at home, but to go outside and experience life.

Everytime i travel I meet new people who teach me about the meaning of life, and they remain in my heart and my memory for ever. Life has no meaning without friends, so lets get together and share this adventure.

I love animals, kids and nature, raw and healthy food (try to do veggie diet). I'm a lover of the sea and the sky (I could stay for hours looking at the clouds and stars).

I consider myself a quiet person, who likes to get into deep conversations, feel the moment, and sometimes just be in a paceful silence, sharing just the breath and the enviroment we are at. I love adrenalin (diving with sharks, zip line, surf, jumping to the sea...) and I also love dancing (salsa, dancehall and reggaeton).

Some skills I have: I'm good at knowing other people needs, I'm empathic and good at solving conflicts. I'm responsable and organized but also like to flow with life.

Cant wait to explore the world with you little weroaders. Lets go!!!!!