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Welcome, future WeRoader!

Get ready to discover the world!

WeRoad and Parametric Technology Spain have joined forces to introduce you a new way of travelling, discovering new countries and making new friends, all through an unforgettable experience: doing a WeRoad. Also... you have €150 off for being a PTC employee.

I am in!

But wait, what is WeRoad?

We are a community of travelers with a common passion: discovering the world. We travel in small groups, Spanish speakers (we know, perfect opportunity to improve your Spanish), with similar ages and in the same travel mood, always guide by one of our coordinators to make each adventure even more unforgettable. Our goal is to broaden our horizons by creating friendships that last a lifetime.

Join the group alone or with your friends
WeRoad brings together groups of travelers who don't have to know each other, but will soon become friends - it's the magic formula for a great adventure!
Choose between more than 100 destinations
Europe, Asia, America, Africa... The world is very big, and we have itineraries for all tastes: you just have to choose your mood and your destination!
Travel in small groups
From 8 to 15 people per group, with the same travel mood and the same age range, so you will match super fast!
The coordinator will be your best friend
All groups are led by a Coordinator, who is much more than a guide, he is a true travel buddy.

Lo sabemos, quieres tu código de descuento

Ahora que ya sabes un poco más... vayamos al grano... Prepara la mochila, porque para que pruebes WeRoad, te damos 150€ de descuento solo por ser empleado de PTC con este código: